a selection of feedbacks written by participants.

“I took part three years ago and I’m still ‘living’ of it.”

“I learned more in these 10 days, then in 3 years at my university.”

“This is not a ‘hippie-dippie’ workshop. This is serious!”

“The biggest value I got out from PAS is ‘to not let go of a good idea, just because I am tired’.”

“At one point during the research, Johannes recommended to talk to another participant who was similarly stuck in the process as I was. Now, after 7 years we are still collaborating and working together.”

“Everything we did in these days I can apply 1:1 to my work after the studies were over.”

“If you know ‘how’ it is amazing to create. And during PAS I learned exactly this: ‘how’.”

“I was so thankful that someone told me, again and again, to use other words to describe something that I ‘liked’ or found ‘nice’”

“I started to understand the importance of drawing in the artistic process. Now it is part of my practice, even I don’t have ‘the skill’ to draw nicely.”

“My weaknesses were seen as potentials.”

“I very-very-very appreciated the ‘there is no right and no wrong’ motto – and you stick to it. I have heard these very words from other teachers and then very quickly it is revealed that there is, in fact, a ‘wrong’. But not in PAS.”

“It was a bit like being inside of a washing machine – after I got out, I felt fresh and very inspired.”

“During PAS I was working on something I found not interesting at that time. But I was encouraged to do more in this direction and got support within this process. I developed a completely new work for me, which wasn’t ‘my style’. After the studies, I submitted this work to an art price … and won!”

“PAS is an eye-opener … even for ‘blind’ people like me.”

“I learned much about performance art but also much about painting, sculpture, sound, video, architecture, theatre, dance, drawing, … .”

“The generous working atmosphere creates a very safe space. So safe, that you dance and sing without feeling embarrassed.”

“the mixture between theory and practice was something I haven’t experienced in such enriching way before.”

“I knew exactly what I wanted to do for my graduation. Then I took part in PAS and again I had no idea what I wanted to graduate with. I successfully graduated with doing a performance in my painting department.”

“PAS is like a well-composed painting. A masterpiece of art and education.”

“They don’t push their philosophy on you. But they push you to develop your own philosophy.”

“I was fed up by these performance workshops where you sit and watch DVD’s and read long theories from other artists. In PAS we were constantly in motion and did things.”

“I felt throughout the whole course safely, seen wanted, needed, challenged, encouraged, guided, free … and I could be just the way I am.”

“I felt like I was guided but not directed, questioned but not judged, challenged but not pushed. The whole PAS process for sure is transforming!”

“At my age and with much of performance art experience I thought: “why should I attend a workshop?”. But since I heard so many good things about their way of teaching, I decided to sign up for PAS studies. One thing I know for sure: We never stop learning, no matter at what stage of your artistic career and the questions they ask are spot on!”

“… and yes, after PAS I am doing much more precise works then I did before.”

“Everything in PAS is so open, but nothing is just random.”

“Just ask. There was no moment in which I felt I couldn’t do this – even I was not sure at all where my question will go and even 5 minutes before the public presentation.”

“PAS makes you love the paradox. I understood that this is so essential when you create art.”

“It was great to see how different we produced our performances. We got supported in the way (style) we wanted it to have. The sense ‘the is not one way of doing performance art, but many’ made real sense to me.”

“The variety of references was mind-blowing, from the past to the present we got always names of so many different artists which helped to understand the current state we are in.”

“I learned a lot of important stuff about how to perform, but the most valuable part I took out of PAS is the understanding that performance can also be a way to behave.”

“Already the first 6 hours where we were working with ‘body as form’ made a big impact on my creativity. The sentence “it’s not the action that makes the performance” was a key moment for me and opened a completely new perspective on performance art.”

“As I felt it, PAS was not only a performance art studies, it was a place where magic, imagination, ideas, actions, knowledge and miracles gather, to create a massive roller coaster, a ride that never ends, even after the completion of the studies.”

“The PAS studies empowered me to take MY (Performance) Art more seriously, called my attention to the structures of performances, co-performers in performances and especially really precisely to materials and objects. All in all, I learned a general attentiveness and it gave me the needed boost to grow up and risk.”

“In the beginning, I was a bit doubtful if it was useful to participate in a PAS workshop – sorry, I mean studies - again. But I’m very happy I did it!!! … I felt that I grew as a performer since the previous PAS and how much I’ve changed. In the first studies, I didn’t know anything about performance because I had just found out about this art form. Now, almost 2 years later, I still don’t know a lot, but I am more aware of what I’m looking for.”

“I felt challenged and appreciated in my artistic practice and as an artist, not a student or beginner – which I am.”

“’ TRUST YOUR IMAGE – TRUST YOUR IDEA’ ... will now and for always stay with me (maybe I should tattoo it somewhere where I can always see it). This understanding made me stronger and more secure.”

“I thought: “Johannes is so German” because he was constantly demanding us to be on time. I liked that I could make jokes with him about this. … and then at the end, the public performance, I fully got what he was giving us with his demand: There is just one moment for performance and this is NOW and he simply didn’t want all of us to miss it. Thank you for this lesson!”

“… So, filled with all these amazing experiences and my notebook filled with thousands of thoughts, drawings and ideas I went fulfilled and happy home and thought that was it. A week later I got all these links where I could download the videos and photos from the process … and suddenly a huge wave of reflection came, and I was bathing in it.”

“I mean, that guy can lecture for hours and hours! Pictures, short videos, stories, political and historical context, side notes, book recommendations, graphics, music, organizations, festivals, … and at any point questions. Everything you want. Incredible! The four hours passed by like a good film.”

“I absolutely loved the session on performance and context and history. That was sooo amazing and sooo inspiring and sooo well and clearly explained, thank you eternally and beyond for that!”

“I very much appreciated the space created for experimentation, try out and play. I felt I could do anything I wanted without being pushed in a certain direction because it is not about the result.”

“Johannes is passionate and takes art seriously but with a curious attitude towards his students. He tries to think with them and their processes, not merely push his vision of art onto others. I have never felt not taken seriously and felt as if I was being listened to.”

“This was the second PAS study I did and again I felt a lot of trust, empathy, calmness, openness to whatever idea and or thoughts I had! You gave me clear feedback, which I could use immediately and practice with. I think with your huge experience/knowledge the PAS study is very professional and suitable for many people from different backgrounds.”

“Both Deimlings (<3) are people with a big heart and a huge passion for what they have created, and that's something I admire the most!”

“I wanted to underline once again PLEASE DON’T CHANGE ANYTHING! It was by far one of the best studies I have experienced.”

“I appreciated tremendously the extreme amount of information that we all received, and the super-rich experience and communication skills of Johannes! He has a wonderful ability to make everybody feel safe, needed and included.”

“What flashed me was how much work you actually can do in one week!”

“I wish it was longer.”