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#29 | Alphabet

22. October - 2. November / Fredrikstad, Norway
as part of the study program at the NTA - Norwegian Theatre Academy


Inga Aleknaviciute [lt] and Heidi Dalene [no]
Matias Askvik [no] and David Jensen [no]
Ram Hari Dhakal [np] and Per Magnus Barlaug [no]
Mareike Nele Dobewall [de] and Ylva Owren [no]
Corentin Leven [fr] and Anders Firing Aardal [no]
Ann Mirjam Vaikla [ee] and Marthe Sofie Løkeland Eide [no]
Lærke Grøntved [dk]
Jade Francis Haj [no]
Ida Holthe Lid [no]
Heiki Eero Riipinen [no]

photos: Monika Sobczak

The two weeks performance art study „Alphabet” is pointing at the vocabulary of contemporary performance art practice. The course is designed to use the learned language for all kinds of performative expressions and understands itself as an elemental tool for those articulations. Performance Art is taught in its contexts and tries to bring the broad range of articulations within this art field in a vivid interdisciplinary dialogue. Out of this artistic alphabet the students are able to form sketches (“words”) and later on an own performative language. The personal approach towards the language will intend to examine how this language can be spoken with an individual dialect, an individual performative expression.
Performance Art is a social art form. Even the focus of the study “Alphabet” is laying on the individual development of the students; the exercises are based on a cooperative experimentation. The primary tools “body, time, space” are used as tools for manipulating the bigger constructs for which we don’t have words for yet. Those tools will be related to other artistic tools, such as material and objects, sound, sculpture, poetry, site specific, and others.
This practical approach will be explored, experienced and experimented with the research of the artistic ego, the presence and the personalities of each participant. This will turn in holistic researches which will generate ephemeral images which will be presented at a final presentation at the end of the whole process. The work will be focused on the question “How?”. How we are dealing with ideas and concepts and how it is possible to transfer those concepts into reflective, transformed and responsible performative art works? The whole process will be documented with drawing, photography and video. These documents are used for the reflection, evaluation and as well as a initiative for a new starting point in the artistic, performative process.

Live Documentation from PAStudies #29 | Alphabet

published by PAS | Performance Art Studies, 2012, 12 pages
graphic by Przemek Oleksyn, photos by Monika Sobczak