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Ann Mirjam Vaikla [ee] & Marthe Sofie Løkeland Eide [no] / 60 minutes

Performance's starting point is something what is usually considered as an ending - on the floor and on the wall there are a lot of traces of actions already done: smashed tomatoes, eggs, melon, scattered flour, paint; all kind of objects: bouquet of red roses, building tools, dishes etc. On one side there are placed five chairs: four of them for the audience and on one of them is placed projector. Projector is not completely plugged in and shows on the opposite wall automatic sign: "Searching..." On every chair there is placed earplugs - if visitor comes he/she can sit down and put on the earplugs, from where he/ she can listen an instruction "What is Performance Art?". Audio guide's sound style is inspired of the format of TV Shop.