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Inga Aleknaviciute [lt] & Heidi Dalene [no] / 60 minutes

text from the window
this performance that we are offering to you is not depending on us. our absence or presence will not make any difference. it is dependent on
text from the glasses
you. it is not our presence but your presence that is needed for it to work. It is not our being here, but your being here, you being in the present, you being alert and aware that is going to make it an art piece.
What is really needed to make a performance? The artist or the audience? Can you make a performance without one of the two parts?
The simplest solution can seem like the most complex one. The aim is to keep the curiosity, investigate the premises.
Don't disappoint the artist.
Don't let the performer treat you like a child.
Let the child appear within you so you can explore the performance with an open mind. Be present in the absence and the presence of the performer. It might just be your job to solve the riddle or find the clue that makes the whole thing a performance.