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Escape in order to arrive
Lærke Grøntved [dk] / 60 minutes

In this one hour of the performance I was alone. I was sitting/lying in my bed at home reading a Lucky Luke cartoon. In the performance space was a bed with pillows, blankets, sheets and my old white teddy bear. The bedding was placed in a way that the bed would ”welcome” the audience to placed themself in it. I hang a picture with a golden frame on the wall saying:
”Yesterday it was three years ago my mother died, so today I am not really in the mood to perform”.
Beside the bed was my night table with my old red lamp. Behind the lamp was hanging a yellow picture with a running horse my mother painted. On the table was a finger ring I got from my mother, and a silver necklace my mother once made. In the night table I put my personal diaries and notebooks and a broken cup.
On the floor was a note saying: ”I will be home reading my favorite cartoon You can join me” Beside the note was my green carpet with cartoons on.
All the things I used in this performance was my personal belongings from my bedroom.