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Ylva Owren [no] & Mareike Dobewall [de] / 60 minutes

We used a cupboard with four equally sized shelves in the dimensions of 58x56x60 cm. In the duration of 50 minutes we spent our time inside the boxes, occasionally moving from one space to another, never meeting each other.
The front side of the cupboard had four separate doors, one for every compartment. The backside was open, and the closet was placed 30 cm from the wall so we could change positions behind it. The performance started with the doors closed, and the audience was free to open (and close) the doors during the 50 minutes.
Each box was equipped with different items. The upper left box contained dental floss, one nail cutter, one pair of nail scissors, a wet cloth, easy shavin´ shaving gel and a razor. The upper right box contained two pencils. The lower left box was empty. The lower right box contained two glass jars - one with hermetic cherries in syrup and one with chocolate covered marshmallow bears (bamsemums). In addition there were two rows of pink, square candy. The floor in this box was pink.
All items were placed close to the doors.
The performance was an experiment on privacy.