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#30 | the moment when the end surprises the beginning

29th May – 9th of June 2013 / Nicosia, Cyprus
in cooperation with CIPAF – 1st Cyprus international Performance Art Festival


Aron Lesnik [de]
Christopher Utpadel [de]
Soufia Bensaid [ca]
Nicolina Stylianou [cy]
Anna-Marya Tompa [ch]
Emi Wilcox [es]

photos: Monika Sobczak


Supposedly it all have started with a big bang, and believing in abstract theories explaining the origin of our general live and environment, make us feel dizzy and strangely disconnected to reality as we know. We can hardly image the one specific point where everything has started. Even the origin of a simple object like an apple is difficult to catch and at the end we are confronted with numerous questions, and the simplest one appears, what was first, the seed or the fruit? Of course there must be always a beginning and an end, the first breath, the first word, the first step, but they all stream into bigger circles, intersections and metamorphoses and a larva becomes a butterfly.
Speaking about a moment or element which has the potential to grow in every kind of direction appears like a very artistic subject. Potentially every chair is also a table, every blue also red; every possible reality is present and available at the same time. As artists we are surrounded with space of possibilities, so how do we decide which idea we take? What aspect becomes than important enough to show and where is the right point to intervene, to shape, to formulate, to bring a single idea into a physical action or object?
As performance artists we are looking for these moments which embodied the origin of creativity, of language and expression. Based on contemporary approaches from different Media backgrounds we attempt to fully transform them in an action and image based moment which matters beyond the starting point. We have to ask what will remain and leave traces in the head of the audiences? Is it possible to separate the beginning from the end, the concept from the result and how can we modulate this by using artistic tools like duration, composition or temperature?
„the moment when the end surprises the beginning“ wants catch and describe the eruption of the engine that starts metamorphoses and let the larva becomes a butterfly. And even further, we seek to extend this in a performative way.