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# 33 | square meters per hour (territory)

2. - 8. September 2013 / Oslo, Norway
in cooperation with ACTS - laboratory for performance practices


Inger-Reidun Olsen [no]
Jussi Salminen [fi/no]
Roberta Orlando [it]
Kristiane Nerdrum Bøgwald [no]
Núria Guix-Riba [ct]
Fernanda Branco [br]
Marcela Antunes [br]
Linda Granlund [fi/no]

photos: Monika Sobczak

square meters per hour (territory) - PAS #33

The word territory is since the appearance of life on the globe connected with defending or conquering and enters directly an existential question of everybody’s life. In times of globalization where immigration and emigration are the challenging topics of modern societies, territories are even stronger connected with the aspect of identification and the search for a new identity. This search for biographical positions, family trees, memorable places and an own imprint in the land under the feet is not only a matter of geographical areas anymore, but a historical and cultural issue. It has never been this easy to change places in the world, but to find yourself in it, has never been that challenging and intimate before.

Art is a territory by itself, moving and expanding in many directions. It also tries to conquer, to discover, even to defend and all this in order to create space for a personal imprint and landmarks. If we understand how to strengthen this sense of polyterritoriality in art, we open a fruitful and intense dialogue with art forms, artistic articulations and as well other non-artistic areas, to set another landmark which belongs to us, as individual travelers and sailors.

is a platform for art works which has the body as main artistic expression. Designed as laboratories, open studio practices and work-in-progress presentations a yearly program focus on research and practice in performance field. WORKSESSION is always lead by an artist with a vast international experience. ACTS invites artists with contemporary works and international network to provide a refresh artistic exchange, strengthening an openness view of nowadays art.