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Wie Motten um das Licht
Anna-Marya Tompa [ch] / 5 hours

Concept: Attraction - Stasis - Repulsion


Purchased on Greek side:
50 tealights
Packet of sticky insect catching sheets
Ceramic oil burner
Box of gardenia scented balls
Box of carbon tablets
Packet of brightly coloured naphthalene balls
Box with 3 (!) half stockings
Packet of spiral citronella burners
Pitta bread, ham, cheese (my dinner)
2 mousetraps
1 Apple
2 Oranges - fruit given as gift in Lefkosia Saturday morning market

Purchased on Turkish side:
2 small white ceramic containers
Packet of Ant Egg Moisturiser
Packet of sandalwood scented cones
Sachet of dried lavender
Pink net
1 Plastic orange
1 Plastic tomato
1 Flyswat
1 Ceramic fridge magnet with "eye of Fatima" and ladybirds
Wooden snake
Wooden clothes pegs
Green clothes line

Red plastic rope

Green thread
Black plastic tray from artspace

1 Bedsheet from hostel

Green shirt, underpants

The performer used the items listed to create areas of attraction and repulsion as a site specific response to the outside area of the artspace, bearing in mind that the performance took place throughout the evening when insects are active and attracted to lights which illuminated the courtyard.

Using matches to light tealights - these refused to stay alight as it was quite breezy - the performer spent lengthy intervals protecting a single tealight which would still go out
The tealights were intended to illuminate sheets of paper on which the performer made a count of various encounters - see attached - such as items used or numbers of visitors
The performer suspended bread attached to thread from branches overhanging the water channel with the intention of attracting fish - at intervals the net was used to attempt to capture fish
The performer used part of a bedsheet hanging on a clothes line, set against lights as an insect counting screen - it was impossible to count them
A wooden snake was laid over waterlily leaves to frighten the frogs
The performer left items of personal soiled clothing in various locations
The remains of a meal were left in mousetraps
Sandalwood cones were lit and placed on waterlily leaves
Insect sheets were suspended from branches
Naphthalene balls were suspended from branches hanging in half stockings
Fruit was cut open and left near lights
An orange was peeled and suspended from a tree
Plastic fruit was laid out as a decoy
Ceramic containers were filled with lavender and placed
The performer rubbed Ant Egg Moisturiser onto her body in the hope of attracting ants - this did not work but smelt terrible
The tweezers were used to catch a spider - it ran away
The carbon tablets were burned along with gardenia scent balls next to the citronella spiral, thus cancelling one another
The "eye of Fatima" was placed to protect the insects from ill

The flyswat was not used