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point of no return
Christopher Utpadel [de], 120 minutes

I stand in front of a white wall wearing black trousers. My whole upper body including arms and head are covered with 15 Kilo of uncooked Spaghetti. They were fixed by wrapping thin white tape around them. Very slowly I start to move my fingers ,my hands, my legs, my head. Caused by the strong connection between my body and the covering spaghetti every slight movement causes an impact on the coverage and a physical dialogue between the body and the surrounding material. It cracks, breaks, falls down, scratches my skin or condenses. The more and the longer I move the more Spaghetti fall down to the ground creating a round field that constantly changes. My chest is the last part of mybody that is covered. I destroy the coverage so that the word "EXIT" can be read on my skin. I take a couple of spaghetti from the ground and try to erase the letters. I exit the room.