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Inger-Reidun Olsen [no], 13 min

In the space I had placed two chairs facing with their back towards each other. They were standing approximately on meter apart, between them there was a black bag hanging, that where connected to both chairs by a fish thread.
The performance started when I entered the space. I walked in and placed myself standing among the audience holding a black basket filled with golden rice. Then I started walking with small and fast steps in-between the audience. As I was walking I played with different rhythms and steps, and at the end of the walk session I was moving towards the two chairs. When I arrived I started to poor the rice slowly into the black bag hanging between the chairs. As the bag filled up with more and more rice the tension between the chairs got more visible. One of the chairs flipped backwards balancing on two legs. Just at the right moment I push my finger under the bag, in the whole at the bottom of the bag, and when I remove my finger the golden rice started to pore out and into the floor. While that was happening the tension between the chairs was released and the golden rice ended up making a circle on the floor.