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Klara Krämer [de], 130 min

With a hole puncher in my right hand I´m sitting on a white box, making holes in old written postcards which are laying in a stack beside me. I make two lines of holes, then I remove the perforated parts and put them on the floor. I repeat these steps until the entire postcard lays there in pieces. I start with a new postcard.
After a while, I build up the confetti on my feet to a heap and form the postcards to a nest. I lift the white box, where I was sitting before, and put the chicken which is laying there into the nest. I fill it with the confetti of postcards , then I help him standing on his legs. I put the hole puncher at the place, where the head should be and when I make the chicken walking through the floor out of the house and into the street, you can follow the trail of confetti it left behind.