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For unraveling the prediction ritual
Linda Granlund [fi/no] / 25 min

I am standing in the room when the audience comes in. I am standing for some time.
It is twilight. I am not using any external light sources.
I pull a hair out from my head.
I ask, whispering, one person to hold the hair for me.
I cannot see the person, nor he/she me. My hair is covering my face.

I pick up 12 water glasses, 1 glass bowl, 2.5 kg coffee powder, 1.7 liter water and 1 matchbox.
I set the objects down on the floor. I kneel in front of them.

I place the water glasses into a half circle and a small circle in the middle.
I fill the water glasses with coffee powder.
I pull a hair out from my head. Plant after one another into coffee.
I water the plantings and burn 5 of the hairs.
Smell of wet coffee powder and burnt hair.

I pour a glass of coffee powder, water and burnt hair into my mouth.
I lay down to the floor face down.
I am holding my breath until I must open my mouth to breathe.
The mixture runs out of my mouth. I am breathing the pool under me.
Sound of coffee slurping.

I pour remaining 11 water glasses of mixture onto my head.
I get up, pour 1.4 liters water into a glass bowl with coffee powder.
I step inside the glass bowl with my left foot.
I wash my leg with the mixture. I wash off my clothing.

I get up on the white platform at the end of the room.
I lie down on my back.
I lie still and breathe until the audience leaves the room.

...because she told me my future. I visited a fortune teller.