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selfcare 2
Nina Willimann [ch], 15 min

On the floor I prepared all my material and tools. In the absence of the public I glued 4 false lashes on my eyes, but the wrong way around so that they cover partly my view. Then I fixed wooden sticks with white tape on my legs in order to extend them. When the public is entering I'm busy fixing false nails on my fingers with superglue. I fix 3 false nails on each of my own nails, so that they are extended to the point that I'm not able to use my fingertips anymore. With difficulties I paint my lips with red lipstick. On my knees and hands I crawl towards the window where I can pull myself up to the window bench where I sit down. I try to paint my nails with red nail polish which is almost impossible because of the long nails. Two persons of the public have to help me. I wait a little while until the polish is drying before I pull on a red dress. I need help again because I get stuck in the dress. I stand on my stick-extended legs now, leaning against the wall because I'm not able to stand alone on them. I grab a piece of paper and I write with the pen in my fist: DANCE WITH ME. I hold the paper in front of my chest and I wait. Once someone is willing to dance with me, I do my first clumsy steps towards this person who has to sustain me. We dance, me depending completely on the persons support. After an imaginary song-length I say thank you and I leave the room, making my way along the wall.