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selfcare 1
Nina Willimann [ch], 5 min

I enter the room, I take big a sip from a bottle of mouthwash with a strong mint-taste. I start to burble, meanwhile I place the bottle on the floor and a second somewhere else in the space. I fix the end of a dental-floss on a tube on the wall after I cleaned the tube with a desinfection-spray. I walk out of the room, coming back with a big bowl. The dental floss is now leaving traces of my movement in the space. I place the bowl on the floor and spit out the mouthwash. I leave again the room, on my way I take another sip of the mouthwash. I bring a chair to the room and place it in front of the bowl. I spit out. I sprinkle first the chair with the desinfection-spray and then my whole body. I cross the space to take another sip of mouthwash and I take both bottles with me. I spit out into the bowl and I pour the rest of the mouthwash into the bowl. I sit on the chair and I immerse my feet into the bowl. In this position I start to sew with the dental floss my teeth together with my left hand, so that it covers my face, closes my open mouth and makes breathing really hard. After I fix the arm position by wrapping the dental floss around my head with my free arm, until my movement gets stuck in the thread. I sit motionless.