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Farewell to arms or The Chalk Farm
Núria Guix Riba [ct], 15 minu

It starts with a person under a white curtain-like sheet, around some pieces of chalk, powdered chalk and a piece of wood.
After cutting the sheet from the inside, my head and arms appear.
I take the wood and a piece of chalk and I start destroying the chalk doodling with it on the wood against the wall. Some traces and marks might appear in the wood as a clue, as a hidden answer.
When the chalk is finished I kiss the wood and I use it to put the ground chalk all over my arms.
I bite my arms, with this action I reproduce the same action of destruction, looking for clues and leaving traces myself. After the last bite I kiss myself.
I gather the chalk inside the sheet, I stand up and I go through the window that leads me (and the audience) to the roof.
Outside, my space is marked with lines on the floor.
I strew part of the chalk walking along one of the lines.
When I get to the end I throw the chalk to the air as ashes, this gesture turns into a waving of a surrender flag.
When I stop I take off the black clothes and red ones appear.
I turn around smiling, I walk towards the audience joining them, I say Thank you and I leave.