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The Closest Part
Roberta Orlando [it] / 10 min

You opened the door and I was standing to the wall.
I was fixed to the floor and to the wall by spikes on black shirt and pants.

Slowly I tried to move forward with different positions,
reaching the space between me and you.
The tension of the clothes suggested me to slide down for
taking off the shirt which remained hung to the wall.
Then I layed down for taking off the pants which remained nailed to the floor.

Underneath those black clothes there was a white dress.
I started to grow into a new dimension, standing closer to you.

Then I put one hand inside my breast that was full of pink petals from a few tens of roses.
One fistful of petals followed by one other, I walked closer to you,
letting petals fall on the floor behind my steps.

Once all petals finished I went out of the space.