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When a duck replaces the vessel, milk dries
Ronald Bal [nl], 12 min

In advance to the performance I rubbed my body and face with shoe polish.
When I entered the room, its odor, sharp and toxic, filled the air with an villainous smell. In front of me, bricks with round holes filled with milk, lay down on the floor. I started to drink the milk with a straw out of a few bricks. After which, I putted two bricks on top of each other, picked them up, and placed them on my head. Then I scraped my body with two other bricks, removing the shoe polish on my body. Further, I picked up an apple and took a bite, after which I rubbed the apple against my head and spitted the chewed piece of apple at a brick. I did the same with a peach. Subsequent, I put a plastic fluorescent duck in my mouth which started to light up. Finally I spit the duck out and left the room.