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A series of short performative actions each simple, repetitive, and accumulative. These abstract pieces are absurdly underscored with a quiet humor focusing on the subtle shifts that take place through the duration of each action performed.

whatsthebigmistry [uk], 7min

I enter, stand by the plinth of paper, fetch a hair dryer and return, from this point on I stare blankly into the audience. I switch on the hairdryer and begin moving it horizontal along the length of the stack of paper, air moves under the sheets pushing them up, slowly they blow over onto the floor. After some time a pause, I turn the hair dryer up a notch, there is an audible increase in pace, this time sheets fall frequently, cascading from the plinth, covering the surrounding floor. The final piece of paper falls, I turn of the hair dryer, put it down, stand and exit.

whatsthebigmistry [uk], 10min

Two women stand side by side, each holds a tooth brush in the left hand. They begin to brush and brush… brushing with constant vigor, never spitting, instead the toothpaste lathers, gathers and foams forming a ring of white paste around their mouths, dripping onto their clothes, covering their hands, until eventually they slow to a stop and their hands drop away from their mouths.