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whatsthebigmistry [uk], 12min
concept & collaboration with: Vincent Campos

A series of short performative actions each simple, repetitive, and accumulative. These abstract pieces are absurdly underscored with a quiet humor focusing on the subtle shifts that take place through the duration of each action performed.

In a room, 12 glasses of water stand in a row. A staircase under the floor boards is open and exposed. A heeled woman ascends from underneath into the room and greets the gathering audience. “I’m not ready yet” she says, turns, picks up a glass of water, drinks it in one fell swoop and descends again. She’s out of sight, then returns, the same scenario is repeated. Each attempt is shorter, faster, more desperate, more real and more ridiculous. Until consumption is unbearable, bursting at the seams of the body, the final glasses topple from her mouth onto clothes and she throws whole glasses over body. With one glass remaining, the audience is left waiting…