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# 35 | resistance

20. May - 2. June 2014 / Kaunas, Lithuania

In cooperation with CREATurE live art festival, curated by Vaida Tamoševičiūtė and Daina Pupkevičiūtė and POSTgallery

Guest teachers: Alexandra Zierle and Paul Carter www.zierlecarterliveart.com


Vivian Ezugha [UK]
David Frankovich [CA]
Ieva Savickaite [LT]
Jolanda Jansen [NL]

David Frankovich [CA]

photos: Monika Sobczak

Feedback by Zierle&Carter
PAS #35 in Kaunas, Lithuania was a deeply enriching experience for us both artistically and pedagogically. With the opportunity to witness, participate and lead exercises we felt immersed in the entire creative process with the fellow artist students and other guest artists. We knew we would enjoy the studies, but being part of it, was a far more rewarding experience than we initially expected, and we saw how deep, intense, responsive, provocative, and catalysing the material was for all present.
The workshop was packed, though at the same time spacious with time for reflection, contemplation, discussion, feedback and processing. It was tangible and visible how participants' practices and notions of performance were shifting and expanding. Boundaries were crossed, limits and ideas stretched, and new lines of enquiry set into motion. PAS #35 was an incredible and deeply memorable studies.

Resistance - PAS #35

Kaunas is the birthplace of George Maciunas, founding member and central coordinator of the Fluxus movement; an international community of artists, architects, composers and designers. Fluxus was at the time of its appearance an artistic idea that attempted to widen the view of conventional art practices. Artistic action was mainly used for its articulation. With each new artistic idea, Fluxus was a form of resistance, which is inevitable if you want to draw something out or interrogate something different that goes against the mainstream. Resistance is often used in the context of politics, but it is also a form of artistic expression and an artistic tool. During the PAS | Performance Art Studies #35 we aim to research the topic of “resistance” in a variety of ways and seek to explore how we as artists are able to use this tool for our own artistic practices.
Rubber boots were invented so that people can go outside when it’s raining or muddy as they keep the wet and the dirt away from our feet while keeping our socks dry. The material, form and function of a rubber boot is a metaphor for the artistic research we wish to develop and focus on. In addition to the formal approach, we too will face our own personal resistance towards ideas, concepts and the other. All of which we will try to overcome in the form of discussion about ethical doubts or simply about the matter of taste. We will then use the new found viewpoints in order to articulate other artistic solutions. This will sharpen how we look on the artistic process to discover ways out of the conventional path we have worked in before. Resistance always has a form and during the studies we want to experiment with other artistic and non-artistic forms to prove where resistance can open a new space instead of just being resistant/defying/ challenging.
The spectrum of the offered exercises, tasks, experiments and assignments will provide an intensive and direct approach to use resistance as an artistic tool. The final performances of the studies will function according to the festivals structure presented in the public space. This space, the city of Kaunas, will be explored and examined in various ways and it is there that we will attempt to place ourselves and our performative works in the city and in the space.