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Vivian Ezugha [UK] / 45 min

During the study I asked myself one question, what does it mean to resist?
Through investigation I realized that resistance comes in many forms. Often resistance is portrayed as a negative emotion, but resistance can be like performance a tool to enable. With this concept of resistance, I looked at myself and used my struggle with breathing as a device to create a performance, which dealt with another form of resistance. That is, to look at the inner resistance, the resistance that comes to us through our bodies. Using this idea, I became interested in how objects can transform and formulate something in us. For my Performance I worked in parallel to another performer and we created two spaces that simultaneously became one. I used a wellington boot as my object and with that I poured flour and water inside. My actions were very simply, to breathe as much as I could into the boot and use other elements like the water to juxtapose the sounds and the act of breathing. This consequently created another layer to the object and the act of breathing, turning the performance into a visible struggle between my body and the object.