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cleaning up traces of family
Jolanda Jansen [NL] / 60 min

Interpassive action

The Town Hall Square is empty.
Slowly I walk towards the center of the square with one empty bucket in my hand and four buckets squeezed against my stomach, filled with cleaning stuff.
I walk the trace of an car braking, crashing.
I stand there for a while and after that I walk to the fountain.
I fill the bucket with water, walk back and place is next to the track.
I repeat this for the other 4 buckets and spread them around the trace.
I fill the buckets with soap and a brush.
I start slowly cleaning.
The cleaning creates different movements and sounds.
With my body I create different shapes.
The track transforms in different kind of shades of gray.
At the time I really get exhausted a lady asks me if she could help.
Yes of course!
She tells me that she is used to this type of cleaning.
I also ask another man to help me clean and soon a whole group is cleaning.
When I am back from where I started I walk the trace in the other direction finding my way between the cleaning people. I stand at the end for a while and I leave the square.
For me personal the traces revere to a personal loss due to a car crash. After the performance I spoke to the lady who helped me the first. I asked which type of cleaning she revered to. She cleans the stones of craves. So for me there was made a real connection in the whole story.