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# 38 | Places of duration

27. March - 6. April 2015 / Athens, Greece

in cooperation with epitelesis - performance art foundation, Athens, Greece
with guest teachers: Andreas Pashias and Francesco Kiais.
Hosted by Cheapart Athens.


Veronika Merklein
Anna Kosarewska
Imke Zeinstra
Aron Lesnik
Angeliki Chaido Tsoli
Manuel Lopez Garcia
Markela Kontaratou
Ruth Biene
Eliza Soroga
Christos Papamichael
Ola Koziol
Jolijn de Wolf
Sophie Terlega

videodocumentation of PAS #38 | 'Places of duration', Athens, 2015

"BBB Johannes Deimling - Places of duration" Interview by Eleni Zymaraki Tzortzi, for "Mach|ne.gr online magazine"

PAS #38 on cheapart website: "Places of duration"

Places of duration - PAS #38

As soon as something is created, built or set up, time begins to work on its consumption. This happens with houses, streets, electronic devices, cars, nature, and human beings, as well as with feelings, moments, situations and memories.

In its own existence, every single thing is in motion and temporary. For some, this fact can be terrifying, and for some this is a quality signature of life. The attempt to preserve things for a longer duration can be seen in processes such as food conservation, art restoration and traditional rituals or celebrations. The will to work against the force of time, is everywhere visible and active. This is demonstrated by the insistence to document, archive, remember, and the attempt to leave traces of our existence, as individuals and as a civilization.

Traditionally, in art it was the painting, and especially the sculpture, which expressed our aspiration to eternity. On the other hand, photography (and more specifically its digital form) reflects, almost as a mirror image, a present dimension in terms of a ‘constant ephemeral’ - another kind of eternity - as a witness of the already gone and lost moments. Through research on the ‘duration’ of these art forms, we can approach the temporary and suspensive character of performance art, which is ideally existing only in the moment, and try to touch another dimension of eternity - the memory, the remembering.

The immense knowledge of Greek sculpture, the breadth of its production and meaning, as well as the key role it played in the formation of aesthetic culture of the whole Western world, can be the reason to hold these studies in Athens where - in a current framework of growing social instability and doubt - we are given the opportunity to hold a corporeal discussion on what it means to have a position or ‘stance’ within a specific context of space-time or towards an issue of urgency.

By bringing this sculpturesque ‘stance’ into performance art, we will focus on the form of still-life performance and long-duration performance, by moving ourselves within the triangle of space-time, document-memory and artistic idea, playing between materiality and the ‘fading’, the ephemeral and the eternal, in order to situate duration into a device of visual significance and find inspiration for works which can develop in it.

“Place always opens a region in which it gathers the things in their belonging together.” [Martin Heidegger, “Die Kunst und der Raum”, E. Verlag, St. Gallen, 1969, Trans. by C. H. Seibert]

In “Places of Duration” we can find and offer space-time to meet, gather and connect, we can create places where everybody is invited to stay and be for a moment.