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#44 | I Know The Smell, But I Don't Remember

9. - 13. December 2015 / Poznan, Poland
in cooperation with Galeria Raczej (Agnieszka Szablikowska and Łukasz Trusewicz)

About seite.30

Driven by the common desire to performative action in July 2010 the performance group ‘seite.30’ was founded in Dresden, Germany. The main interest of the group is the artistic work with different performance concepts and strategies as well as the exchange of views on various social, philosophical and artistic themes. The group is looking for new aesthetic approaches to individually and collectively made performance art and testing possibilities and limitations of dealing with different spaces, materials and time segments.
Performance is for ‘seite.30’ a complex artistic means of expression and as well the possible trigger of participatory action to come into a common discourse about aesthetic, artistic, social and political issues with the audience. Lately ‘seite.30’ is interested besides the development of individual performance forms of individual members in forms of interaction within the artists' group.
In addition to meetings in which we experiment with the exclusion of the public together to predetermined topics or other performative aspects, we occur publicly in galleries, institutions, ruins and other amorphous spaces.


Luisa Franke
Antje Dudek
Annelie Möller
Lisa Tostmann
Josua Kühne
Kristina Pohlmann
Lena Hirtenling
Marie-Luise Lange