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abscent reflection
Alejandro Zertuche / 50 min

We use black mirrors every day, all day.
Language is a(black)mirror.

"... as systematic silence leading, sometimes, to hints of an obscure knowledge"
A. Huxley, 'The doors of perception'

In the Mexica mythology, Tezcatlipoca (in náhuatl: tezcatlipoca, ‘smoking black mirror’) the god of magic, night and temptation used an obsidian mirror to communicate with other realms, times and dimensions.

A closed space inside the space itself was set up, where there was only a black box/mirror and a light. I was inside a covered plexiglass box with a black water mirror on top of it, in order to not be seen.

At the entrance people were asked to write their mobile phone numbers in a piece of paper,
5 numbers were given before the action started, I waited inside for people to spread over the exhibition space and then called each of them.
I introduced myself and asked for their name, after I asked if they wanted to come meet me at my secret place and guided them, as they arrived I hanged up and start singing from inside, all that people could see was their reflection in the top of the box.
the songs were "A la orilla del sol" and "Qué te pasó" from Santa Sabina, these speak about losing oneself to life and the attempt to regain senses.
the performance ended with the last person I called, she got into the space and I started singing, she lifted the black cloth from the box and saw me, then took everything away and got me out of there, the black mirror was broken and a real connection was made.

Website: Alejandro Zertuche