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Do you know we exist?
Anna Kosarewska / 180 min

Psychological term Dissociation or in German: Verdrängung - defense mechanisms in seeking to minimize conflict, may include depersonalization, disengagement or amnesia. The same process I perceive in Greece in crisis. Society want to be more rich, buy more and forget about beggars, street rubbish, corruption all negative elements in the same time creating conflict of intention.
During 3 hours performance normal person changing in to mad figure without personality. Attached like a dog to the column, repetitively walking in circles. Creating conflicted intention to be more visible, attaching rubbish plastic bags on the body but becoming more anonymous like beggars. At the end sitting like a mass of forgotten rubbish in the corner. The only one things was left - it is blue line on the wall, made in failed intention to write: "Do you know we exist?".

Website: Anna Kosarewska