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Anne Cecilie Caroline Brunborg Lie / 60 min

We got a task of doing a four minute performance infront of everybody. So I looked at what I had to work with, my body and my clothes. From there on a curiousness was sparked to investigate more what I could do with my clothes; how to wear them and how to disappear in them. I sometimes get an strong feeling of wanting to disappear and at times the opposite, I want to be seen. My choice of clothes reflects this. This particular day was a sort of day where I really didn't want to be infront of everyone, being looked at, criticized or hailed, just left alone, becoming invisible. My clothes were black and I had my hoodie so that I could pull it over my head to get a sense of going icognito/comfort. I started working on how to make my body disappear into my clothes and for everyone else it became almost sculpturelike and off course there was a lot of struggle. Taking this into the gallery space and extending the performance to last for an hour was quite different. Being in a dark space of the gallery I wasn't really the center of attention anymore. I started working on ways to work myself into my clothes, legs into the arms of the sweater, arms into pants and so on, hoodie in front of my face. It was still a struggle, but having been in this situation before it didn't seem that frustrating again for me. It felt almost pleasant and after a while I was happy with my situation. But through a small gap in my sweater I could see that people weren't really looking at me, they were standing the other way gazing at the performances in the spotlight. Now I did want to be seen, I didn't want to disappear in the dark space I had chosen. I sneakily started moving towards people, still trapped inside my clothes, I could touch a shoe, or see a piece of a trouser. I leaned towards someone, hoping to spark their attention. I wandered around for a bit hoping that people would notice me more. I didn't really dare go too far. After a while I found myself back in the dark spot. Inside on my tummy I had hidden a sheet of this shiny metallic survival blanket. I was already so incredibly warm. I was sweating. I dragged it slowly out of my clothes and put it around me - becoming a shiny little breathing rock. A rock almost suffocating of warmth and lack of oxygen. The end.