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Christos Papamichael / 100 min

I stand on a hill of flour. I have a strawberry coming out of my mouth. My hood is full of strawberries. My trousers are hiding 8 eggs. On my side I have packets of matches. I light up 40 matches, one by one, and when the fire goes down I use their black top to mark my head, four times with each match. I eat the strawberry. I wear my hood and the strawberries fell down. I melt the strawberries with the flour using my feet. I release the eggs from my trousers and I melt them with the flower and the strawberries, again using my feet. I asked the spectators to smash another 5 eggs on my head. They did. The eggs dropped on the pastry. Using my feet I made the pastry compact. I step on the pastry. I start setting the rest of the matches on the pastry, one packet each time. I left the space, I took a piece of wood and I entered the space again. I placed the pastry with the matches on the wood. I moved the pastry using the wooden surface on the balcony. I set the matches on fire. I left.