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Sound & Body of EYE & I: bookperformance
Cigdem y Mirol / 15 min

I created an open book on the ground, in the middle of the allocated exhibition space. This open book, with its two horizontal pages, was a space in a space. Each side of each page was as tall as I am. For one of the pages, I crumbled big coal pieces for some hours. For the other page, I used rock salt that could be found in some kitchens, for instance in that of ours.

This material layout, as the book of the already happening performance, took four and a half hour to get as ready as possible, including the shopping time for materials. This time was a time of diverse reflection, it was intentionally away from futile perfection, thus it was getting close to a The Weird & The Absurd action.

Eventually, there was the open book with a black and a white page with their rough yet shining textures, which would soon carry I: the author; in front of EYE: the reader.

When I felt that the pages of the open book happened to be structured, I continued the performance with “in” and “out” of I. First, I shortly worked on a white paper skirt that would cover my body, which would be covered in black beneath. Then, I worked on some texts after putting a hand-made black mask, which would cover my face. After that, I arranged black shoes that could complete the image and also help walk on the pages as I intended.

Then, I found two round iron plates and attached them to long thin cords, which would help me carry each one in each hand so that an image of a balance-scale of justice could be structured together with my body. I painted one of the scales in black, the other one in white, and their cords in opposite colors to themselves. Into the white scale, I placed MyFace Book and on the other one I placed a mountain of words, which I wrote on thick white cartoon pieces in different shapes and which reflected digital and real worlds. I placed the scales on the two pages on the ground, close to the line that is separating the pages.

This layout of my body, which was meant to be the source of tension/life of the already happening performance, took two and a half hour.

Eventually, the I was ready to meet the EYE in body and in sound so that the book might happen to be its performance through a textually, visually and actually moving consciousness.

I had placed myself out of the book, one step close to the line separating the pages. My back was turned to EYE.

When the “here and now” was felt around the book, the “body and sound” had already been set to act towards its performance. First, I struggled to step into the book, I stepped into it after a few intentionally clumsy trials. Then, I took the heavy scales in my hands one after the other, slowly, surely but difficultly. So the clumsiness was a destiny now. Then, I tried to balance the scales in two sides of my body, and a word fell arbitrarily: “COMMENT”. Then I took a step, another random word fell and stopped: “WE”. Then I started telling “the news” in Turkish while taking new steps. No sooner than that did I feel the curious movements of the EYE, who had been drown into a curios silence by then, and as far as I could see, who was now looking for a meaning but facing an image that was hardly acting and literally sounding.

Then, I stepped in the middle of the line separating the pages: the colors: the worlds and I started to take some turns. Each turn was a struggle of an author that was trying to write her world through words in a book that was her performance but presented to the reader who could own it as if it was their own performance. With each turn some words fell: JOIN, CALL, COAL… With each turn, I, the author, almost fell. With each turn EYE, the reader, might have felt the life of a textual happening, which now was actually happening to be a visual being in sound and in body.

When the turns drew the eye on the book, I placed the scales on the corners of the pages regarding the opposition in colors. And then, almost eleven minutes had passed after the first clumsy step by then, I in a perforce clumsiness again, struggled to walk on the words which would always make the only way that I could meet EYE.

Website: Cigdem y Mirol