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Everything is possible but also nothing: Greece 2015
Eliza Soroga / 240 min

Everything is possible but also nothing: Greece 2015 is a durational performance exploring the state in which Greece is found here and now in April 2015. A feeling of emergency, a state of deep insecurity: financial but mostly psychological. In this state, everything is possible but also nothing. Greek population has been set on hold hoping for things to become better or just worse. And as this holding state gets prolonged even more and more, people feel entrapped, entrapped in the unknown.

These thoughts led me to trap myself in a confined space being exposed like a doll in a folkloric museum wearing a Greek traditional dress from Corfu. In order to explore the state of 'everything is possible but also nothing' I hadn't planned any actions for the 4 hours long performance apart from the specific location at the gallery, the entrapment and the use of two bowls, one with olives and one with olive oil.

Website: www.elizasoroga.com