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For I am a Dinosaur Gazelle #1
Imke Zeinstra / 4 x 5-15 min

A collection of materials form an installation inside the space.
Once every hour I enter the room, pick my material, execute my action and exit the room.

Stuff four red butterfly lollypops in mouth
Take the broom and go stand in front of the opening in the wall
Put the broom trough the straps of my bra and dress
Walk backwards
When naked, exit room

Enter room naked and start sweeping the fallen lollypops together
Put dress back on plus heels
Empty another bag of sugarflowers
Crush candy with heels till powder

Put marshmallows into a glass bowl together with crushed candy
Put bowl in microwave until right consistency
Take marshmallows in to hands, stretch it, and let strings fall on face and body
Exit room covered in marshmallow

Enter room covered in marshmallow
Mix water and soap together in glass
Take three straws and a sip
Make foam/bubbles with mouth

Website: www.imke-zeinstra.nl