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I have no control over this box
Jolijn de Wolf / 240 min

We stayed in Athens, in a very anarchistic part of the city. The square next to our space was full of people every day. People who struggled with the economical crisis; having no job, no money and no structure to guide their day. In Athens we could see economical and even social structures falling apart. This blended in with my own need to structurise objects and thoughts in order to gain some control over my life.

So for the end presentation I constructed a “grid”, a structure. It took four hours. The grid contained material that I found in Athens, or to be more precise: that what the city threw at me. Beewax sticks, resin from trees, skins of bugs, gold glitter, crayons, X-rays of theet which a local dentist gave to me; it al got intergraded in the grid.

I constructed the grid in the middle of the hallway, which was also the entrance to the exhibition. Visitors had to cross the grid in order to get in. At first it was easy to avoid this structure. But when the time passed the grid grew and confrontation became inevatable, causing the carefully constructed framework to fall apart.

Website: www.jolijndewolf.nl