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Only breath can fill these holes
Katrin Rux / 60 min

A body, three benches, ten holes within space. Ten holes drilled once in the wall of the space. A body placed in one of the three benches, leaned on the wall. The bench encloses the body like a shelter. When the body starts moving, there is a balance between being captured and liberated. Out of leaning forward, pulling to one side and pressing its arms against the wall, the body comes out of its shelter. Finding the way to the first hole of the space. The body lays its finger in the hole of the space. The body press its mouth on the hole of the space. The body breaths and speaks into the hole. The body almost vanish into the hole, until its finger starts rubbing the rusty color out of it and put in circles on the wall.
Twelve circles remain on the wall, when the body departs from the first scene with one of the benches. The bench feels like a cross for the body. The stations of the way of the cross are the holes. They are the hidden wounds of the space. In the holes the empty centre of the space pulsate. In the holes the space reveals its fragility. The body repeats his act of enclosuring and liberating. Does not cease rubbing color out of the second and third hole to sign the wall with circles. The wounds of the space becomes visible, the wounds of the space are filled with breath. Body`s space gains more and more lightness. The last circle turns into a word. Vola!