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Live Marianne Noven / 65 min

standing pressed between a glass plate and the wall barefoot in a Lucia-gown i was pulling out my hair and sewing it into my gown with a needle. the glass was actually an open door locked in a position so that there was a narrow gap between it and the wall, just enough for me to stand behind it and barely enough space to move the needle up and down the gown to sew. it was a place of passage as people walked by. it was a place of waiting as people qued for the toilet. more than one time people didn't notice me before they had to use the bathroom. it was a lot harder than i expected. I tested out standing behind the door; i fitted. I tested out sewing hair to my gown; it worked. i did not test out doing both at the same time. to put the hair in the needle i had to raise my hands above my head as there was no other space my hands could meet where i could see them. the hair kept slipping out of the needle hole, i kept pulling my hair out. sewing - my eyes hurt from trying to see. sewing - my body hurt from twisting in the narrow space, avoiding sewing my own flesh. sewing - my hands hurt from pushing the needle throught the thick fabric. sewing - my head hurt from being tired, not so much from pulling out the hair; that just felt like a light prick of a needle.