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Look! a star is falling
Lykourgos Porfyris / 60 min

I am standing on my knees in front of my audience, shouting loud “Oh Yeah!” I love that feeling while they are looking at me, me getting closer to them and give them the opportunity to feel that I am one of them, an ordinary person. I decided to put out my smartphone to get my self some selfies in order to immortalize my self in front of my people. I will also shed some water upon me to look more sexy Crazy people, I know how much they like to wasting time in front of their computers watching photos of my shows, specially the girls, I don’t know why but that’s how it works, so… But what If I shout and no one will react? What if I shout and they are going to laugh? Or what if I shout and they are going to leave? What if I shout and I look like a freak? What if I shout and they just staring at me? What if I shout and there is nothing else to see! It hearts I can feel it all over my body and soul. The shedding water feels like a Chinese torture instead of making me sexier although I can’t stop myself from doing it. My muscles cant hold this phone any more. My knees seems like they have been stuck on the floor. How my apotheosis turned into my grounded stultification? How my dreams turned into nightmares?