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Markela Kontaratou / 40 min

I built a small semi-circular fortress with sugar bags and I placed a pink and yellow light/toy-horse in the middle of it. Above the horse helium balloons were hanging from the ceiling. I was wearing a wig and clothes of the same colour as the toy horse. At the beginning of my performance I entered my little fortress and I moved the horse around me. Then, I placed it in front of me and I started emptying the sugar from the bags on me, while placing the empty bags around me in a semi-circular shape again. When I finished, I started eating the sugar with my hands while looking at the audience. Firstly my expression was calm but progressively my face started changing and I was making exaggerating grimaces to the audience while looking at them directly. Afterwards, I smiled at them, blew the sugar from the horse, and tied it to the balloons. I went outside to the balcony and I lighted the toy horse while again blowing it. Then I let it go and it flew with the balloons towards the sky.