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Roos Hoffmann / 90 min

A ‘partituur’ in Dutch, or ‘partitura’ in Italian, means a music score. It is the music written of all the different instruments, to see them at one glance, on one sheet. It is mainly for the conductor, to have an overview.

In this work I was exploring the exhibition space. I moved trough its high ceiling on the wooden beams, in extreme slow motion. Carefully balancing and regulating my movements on a dangerous height. I was concentrating on my own balance and gestures, but at the same time I was constantly aware of everything happening in the exhibition space.

I believe as humans we don’t exist solely by our self. We are always in relation to the others and to the world. We are interwoven and intertwined. In this work I contributed to our ‘orchestra’, with sounds, tripling my fingers, making soft rain-like noises. But I also related my body and tempo to what happened elsewhere. On the dusty old wooden ceiling I was a symbol of struggling to find your way, truly exploring. But also a symbol of being part of the bigger picture. Being part of the ‘Partituur’, in which every element has it own role to play in advance of the whole. This position high up there gave me the opportunity to behave like an instrument being part of a bigger composition.