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Need to talk
Sophie Terlega / 180 min

Using chalk & body liquid on the entrance of the building / stairs.

"We see people from their begging of their existence where they try to communicate in their environment which surrounds them in addition to fulfill their survival needs. From their early stages of life the human being starts to recognises and feel. Later on it is able to see and remember. It reacts and responds in order to get satisfide. As human beings grow older they start to have their own oppinion and have already their own characteur.
Conversations when takes place show how different people are but also that communication is still necessary in a constant flow in order to achieve a good relationship or lead ones way to different directions.
This makes a need to communicate most of the times more deeper and participate in the whole type of interaction which is inevitable in that specific moment.
The real difficulty remains in the illusion that one can control a communication between them and trying to approach it artistical in a long durational work could be seen challenging. Is there something that can remain on that space of time where two people are exchanging themselves? You can hear a continuing pulse, you can see what remains from it but could it create a common ground leading somewhere or begging a new starting point?
Too little communication could cause anxiety, too much may lead to annoyance and miscommunication could create frustration..the unknown of the results from this is much more intriguing!"