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Sophie Terlega / 260 min

•i am covered all over with seaweed which i collected a few hours ago from the depths of the lagoon•this produces a natural smell of the lagoon outside the water and into the space•my head is so heavy•my shoulders are rapped with this wet, unknown for my body material•little creatures and crabshells are crawling slowly onto my skin•water is dripping from the seaweed on the dress and all over my naked body inside the cloth, making me shiver, ending up on the cold floor leaving wet traces•i slowly lift up my scooter and beggin to go round and round with my one foot on the scooter•the movement makes the seaweed drop off my body each time creating lines of a circle, marking time•i beggin to feel one with the scooter, one body•every obstacle comes in my way i can feel it making me lose my ballance and producing the need to struggle more•sometimes the wheels get stuck so i put more effort to free them•there is a time after 150minutes when the wheels feel as set free at last from the threads of seaweed maintaning a tempo therefore a ballance•i was now rushing through the air of the room leaving this smell of the sea and lagoon together•the seaweed was no longer bothering me•i was nearly moving etherial•i was now making a circle•i leave my scooter down, gather all my marks and traces•i start turning seaweed into thick threads•i create a big chain of this natural material•when i finish my 1,5meters long chain of seaweed i put it on my shoulders•i start walking from the last room of the space were i was towards the entrance like somekind of ritual•i place it outside the space in nature where it came from.