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Veronika Merklein / 150 min

Nine chocolate Eastern bunnies in colorful tinfoils sit on nine white plates which themselves sit on a table with a white table cloth. A red infrared light enlightens and "warms" the bunnies from above. Next to it an ordinary white light bulb enlightens a scissors lying on the the table.

After a long while the performer appears in a suit with a French fries-pattern. The performer takes the scissors of the table and locates herself in a spotlight close to the table and close to the entrance and exit area of the space. She starts cutting out the French fries from her suit and puts them on the table underneath the white light; piling up "empty calories". Each fry leaves a much bigger emptiness and at the same time a vulnerable nakedness behind. While repeating the action over and over again, people stop pass by or/and watch. While she feels watched/filmed/photographed, she stops her action, looks up and responds the looks with the same insane facial expression like the ones of the melting Eastern bunnies. As soon as her front is completely perforated, she would stop and sit next to the bunnies underneath the white light on top of the cut-out fries waiting to sprinkle the fries with the redness out of her own body... While sitting, watching and smirking, she starts to cut out the soft and melting faces of each bunny and puts them back on their distorted bodies, slightly shifted. As soon as the performance evening stops, she leaves her traces.

Website: www.veronikamerklein.com