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Objects Appear Closer Than They Are

Ida Grimsgaard [no] & Bjoern Neukom [ch] / 12 minutes

Two figures entering the space on a silver taped line already sticking to the floor. Their silver heads don't allow them to see what they are about to discover. Slowly and carefully they make their way through the space. At one point one figure stops and the other continue its path. When both of them stopped, one takes out a ping pong racket of the big jacket it's wearing. There are 26 balls to try to make a serve. After all balls are shot, it puts the racket back into the jacket. Now the other one takes out a gun of its pocket and fires off a shoot – pointing over its head. A glitter cloud rains atop the figure. After the last piece of silver glitter has touched the ground, the lights in the huge space go off and the two figures disappear.
Only the ping pong balls and the glitter on the floor remind the audience of the two characters they have witnessed before ...