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Blackbird #2

Kirsten Heshusius [nl] / 25 minutes

This performance is about self-censorship and a huge longing for freedom.
My inspiration comes from my visits to Iran, my talks to people about their lives and the comparison with my own.

Material: Earth ground in a plastic bag, wooden beam found at the site, black greasepaint, ‘moonlight sonata’ by Magaret Leng Tan, green plastic whistle,

Action: The audience is in the space, just finished cleaning the previous performance, they talk.
I start outside the building laying a line of earth ground on the floor while walking backwards. The line makes a curve and ends at the wooden beam. After emptying the bag, I fold it and push through a gap in the wall behind me till it is disappeared.
I climb on the beam. I open a tin can with black greasepaint and slowly start covering myself with it, first my hands and then my arms. After a while you hear the ‘moonlight sonata’ played on a toy piano. I continue to cover my neck, my chin, my cheeks, my ears, my nose, my forehead and finally my hair. The music ends.
When finished I look at every member of the audience.
I put a green plastic birdshaped whistle filled with water in my mouth and blow on it. I blow till there’s no sound left but the air from my mouth.