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Vena Naskrecka [pl] / 5 minutes

On the middle of the white room, there is a table with wine glass and white box composed on the white table cloth. Behind the table, is a chair. I walk in, dressed in white simple dress with bare feet and sit down on the chair. I put fingers to my mouth and take the long red hairs out of it. I do it several times, each time I put hairs to the glass. When the glass is partly filled with hairs, I use long match to burn hairs inside the glass. After hairs are burned, I crash the dust by my fingers and swallow the ashes. When the glass is empty I am leaving the place.
Performance Dissociation is inspired by Cosmonaut project, describing world in an image of human individual which presents worldwide mechanisms in micro scale. Real action happen here not on the surface, but in the ‘digesting system’, which gives and takes tissue transform by us and admitted external factors.