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Emily Promise Allison [ca], 20 minutes

I stand at one end of the space in a small partitioned room on a red carpet.
At the opposite end of the space there is a high wall with holes drilled into
the brick of the building with two bottles of beer at the top called Edelstoff (noble hops).
As I stand motionless I am wearing a large period gown and a cage around my
head made of many live flowers which block my view.
I am holding two wooden pegs like bouquets.
I do not wear any garment on my top half.
Slowly I begin to walk towards the opposing wall, trying to find the first hole
where I must insert my peg in order to begin my ascent upwards.
I do this slowly and with sensual deliberation.
When I reach the summit I hang tightly on one peg, take the bottle of beer
on the right side and smash the cap off, creating a spume of spraying liquid
from the aggressive treatment.
The cap comes off and I attempt to drink the beer.
The same is repeated with the left bottle.
I make my descent from the summit and return to the red carpet,
standing motionless for a short time, then conceal myself by moving out of view of the audience.

This performance was based on the Edelweiss (lit. translation from German noble white) flower and the romantic tragedy that is attached to the rare plant. As the story is told, men who were in courtship with a lady would climb up the dangerous alpine cliffs in pursuit of the precious Edelweiss. He would pluck the flower only to give as a most remarkable symbol of love and exceptional courage to the woman he loves. Oftentimes this adventure would end the lives of young men and they would be found dead at the foot of a cliff clutching a single Edelweiss for their lover.

this performance was a cooperation between PAS | Performance Art Studies, S T O R E contemporary and F14 gallery in Dresden, Germany.