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What is tomorrow?

PASyouth studies in cooperation with the M:ST Festival, Calgary, Canada
27. September – 3rd October 2014 with a final presentation as part of the M:ST festival

with guest teacher Emily Promise Allison

The title of the The title of this PASyouth studies was given by a young boy who asked this question right after we had finished a PASyouth studies in Dresden 2014. It was a pure expression of realizing that from tomorrow on his world will be different and changed. [Read more about the background]

The question touches common feelings about our future and provokes doubts, wishes and desires. We mainly ask ourselves this question in order to understand a change or a shift that has happened to us, but it also encourages us to orientate ourselves, and it activates our curiosity to search.

By nature, teenagers are on a constant search and a hunt for possibilities of seeing and understanding the world in which they live, yet this endeavor often collides with so-called “reality”. During the PASyouth studies we want to confront this “reality” with performativity to formulate artistic visions of ‘what is tomorrow?’ and try to turn the question into a direction. We will facilitate and encourage the young people in the Studies to use performative strategies in order to arrive at an understanding of their personal visions and aesthetics. As the closing searches are made, we will come together and share our final performances at a public event as part of the M:ST Festival.

BBB Johannes Deimling and Emily Promise Allison will support the young people with their creative processes.

Call for participants
This 6-day workshop will take place Saturday – Sunday, and Monday –Friday (3-6 pm). A final presentation of works will take place on Sunday October 5, 2-5 pm.
To register, please contact Tomas Jonsson: director@mstfestival.org